Passion is what drives Me

Ever since I can remember I have always visualised men in bondage and suffering at My feet or worshipping Me.  I grew up in Latin America in a very male dominated environment, which helped to form My strong feminist outlook.  I believe that women should be in charge. 

I have always been kinky in all My relationships, even before I realised what kink was.  My boyfriends would always end up in compromising situations, tied up to My furniture and with all manner of things being done to them. 

Having an inquisitive mind I hunger for knowledge in all areas I am interested in and this includes kink.  I am a keen reader, qualified translator and freelancer professional in the cinema industry.  My thirst for knowledge extends into My number one passion, which is sexually and psychologically controlling men.  I have and continue to thoroughly research and develop creative ways to do this.  Trust Me, I will find a way to tap into your deepest desires and turn you into a quivering wreck.

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Why Me?

Everything I do is driven by passion.  I do what I do because I love doing it.  My subs are My toys and I always want to play.  You can tell I enjoy My work when you hear My evil laugh, see My mischievous smile, but most of all, when you experience My enthusiasm directly, you will understand the difference! 

Don’t just take My word for it, here’s a snippet from my recommendations:

“She's an absolute natural with a genuine passion for her work. I say work but she loves what she does so much, it's beyond her control, she has to apply herself totally and without restraint because she isn't just doing the scene for you she's also doing it for her and you can feel the difference. Oh my mother of God, you can feel It!”

FK - LR UK - Mistress K (2nd Rev.)-Trans